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The Clinishare App has five main targets:


1. To search and retrieve data, i.e. test results, from an appropriate laboratory or clinic.


●    integrate data from wearable devices


2. To maintain a secure local copy of Patient Profiles, support and explain the test results to the patients.


●    present the information in a patient consumable way

●    enhance reporting of invitro and invivo diagnostics with gender and age related averages, including historical

time-series charting, to give the user a full picture of their health

●    use multi-media content including rich text, tables, graphs, images, video clips

5. To augmented data to improve its value to a variety of relevant stakeholders.


● provide a calendar to display the appointments, treatment compliance and test results in one location

● explain surgical procedures clearly in a patient-friendly manner allowing for replay and recall at a pace that suits patient comprehension

3. To add value to the client organisation offering in the way that it displays and reports on the available data.


● allow for recent additions to diagnostics tools such as NGS

● through calculation and analysis indicate both the most recent and most relevant health risks to the user based on a number of key preference selections, the results of tests and the clinicians direction

● allow for mapping to recommend life style choices in line with an improvement in health and wellbeing


4. To present, and/or exported data to third party sources, with appropriate access controls and anonymisation, e.g. removing name and address, adjusting DOB without skewing age profiles etc.


● develop a feedback loop to identify the effectiveness of non pharmaceutical interventions such as diet and exercise plans, e.g. using the data derived from the wearable devices via third party APIs








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