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Assessment of standards is critical in developing high quality training material, courses and curriculum. It is an area often ignored by commercial organisations who tend towards a belief that education platforms add little value and that content is the primary measure of a good course. Content without assessment or assessment without content will lead to an inferior organisational outcome.

The creation of clear assessment targets in line with the curriculum facilitates significantly improved outcomes for all primary schools due to the creation of measurable attainment targets for each topic facilitating measurable objectives in line with attainment outcomes.


Ardluce Assessments are a UK company who manage the NINA assessments within Northern Ireland.



Northern Ireland was the highest achieving region assessed in the TIMMS report within the English speaking world. 6th across the assessed nations globally in Mathematics.


Ardluce are an appropriate partner to aid in the execution of assessments within a wide range of environments and can generate detailed and impressive statistics.


Ardluce have carried out this task previously having directly mapped technologies to the English, Scottish and Northern Irish curriculum with significant direct experience in curriculum mapping and creation.





The Managing Director has held senior positions in education and has now brought this experience to other areas of training and development.


Ardluce aims to continue to build on their vision for rapid adaptive assessment utilizing techniques that are proprietary to Ardluce and which will enable for the identification of a candidates performance against specific objectives, creating detailed analytics, as well as a strong insight into organisational successes and difficulties.


Innovating content to upgrade a leading educational platform used in primary education in Ireland.

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